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Concussions and Neck Pain: They Happen Hand in Hand

Concussions and Neck Pain: They Happen Hand in Hand

neck pain relief in Sunset Hills MO, Sunset Hills Chiropractic

Have you ever found yourself battling persistent neck pain after a head injury, desperately seeking relief that seems just out of reach? If you've been in an accident or experienced head trauma, you're not alone. Neck pain is a common companion to head injuries, and it can be a real challenge to overcome.

In this article, we'll dive deep into the intricate world of neck pain following head trauma. We'll explore why pain lingers after such injuries, how long it might take to find neck pain relief in Sunset Hills MO, and an exciting solution that holds the promise of a pain-free future: Upper Cervical Care.

Join us on this journey of understanding and recovery as we unveil the secrets behind overcoming neck pain after a head injury.


So, What Causes Neck Pain To Linger After A Head Injury?

The answer lies in the intricate anatomy of your neck, which consists of bones, muscles, ligaments, and nerves, all working together to support the weight of the head and enable movement. When a head injury occurs, it's not uncommon for the force to transfer to the neck, leading to damage and pain.

In some cases, this pain could stem from an injury to the upper cervical spine - the top two vertebrae in the neck that play a crucial role in maintaining head and neck stability. When these vertebrae are misaligned, you experience chronic pain and discomfort that may not resolve independently.


How Long Does It Take to Experience Neck Pain Relief in Sunset Hills MO, After a Head Injury?

Unfortunately, it's impossible to provide an answer that will apply to all cases of neck pain from concussions. This happens because the recovery time can vary greatly. Various factors are at play, like the severity of the injury, the overall health, the quality of care received, and the lifestyle choices of the patient.

In some cases, neck pain may resolve within a few weeks, while others might struggle with persistent pain for months or even years. Thankfully, there is hope for those living with chronic neck pain from concussions: Upper Cervical Care.

Seeking an Upper Cervical Chiropractor like Dr. Brett Lux, will help you address the impacts of the injury on your neck bones, specifically the C1 and C2 bones. Correcting the postural imbalances that resulted from the blunt force on the neck can make a world of difference in your pursuit to achieving lasting neck pain relief in Sunset Hills MO. That's because it helps remove pressure on the spine and reduce the tension build-up on the muscles and joints.

Additionally, Upper Cervical Care ensures that your body is in proper alignment so your brain can effectively transmit messages needed to heal damaged or affected structures.


What Can You Expect After a Sunset Hills Chiropractic Adjustment?

As you embark on your journey toward lasting neck pain relief after a head injury, it's essential to keep a few things in mind. This will help you set your expectations, especially if you are seeking Sunset Hills Chiropractic Care for the first time.

Be patient and listen to your body

Recovery can be a slow process. So give yourself time to cope and heal. You might feel changes and slight soreness along the cervical spine after you receive the adjustments. This will only be temporary as the bones ease into proper alignment and the rest of the attached structures go back to their natural position.

You have to be more mindful of your posture

To help your neck bone adjustment hold, you must avoid practices that compromise your posture, like laying on your belly or craning your neck while walking, running, or sitting on the couch.

Stay active, but don't overwork your body

While it's crucial to rest and avoid activities that exacerbate your pain, gentle movement can help maintain flexibility and prevent stiffness.

neck pain relief in Sunset Hills MO, Sunset Hills Chiropractic

Your Neck Pain Recovery Story is Within Grasp: Book Your Consultation with Our Sunset Hills Chiropractor

So, if you're grappling with the question of how long it will take for your neck pain to settle, remember that there's no definitive answer. However, by seeking the help of our Sunset Hills Chiropractor, Dr. Lux, staying active, and practicing good posture, you can set yourself up for a speedier recovery. Remember: Chronic neck pain doesn't have to define your life. You can begin your healing process by consulting with Dr. Lux. Hold onto hope, and trust that you'll find your way to a happier, healthier future with time, perseverance, and proper support.


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